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FAQ's - Vet
How do I contact Rata with a new case?
We request that an online referral form is completed as the first point of contact with a case. Radiographs (in DICOM format), case details and any relevant information need to be attached at this time.
How long does it take to hear back about cases?
Urgent cases will receive a reply within 24 hours. It is preferable to phone our administration team alongside completing the form for these cases. Routine case referrals and second opinion on radiographs we aim to answer within 72 hours.
I just want an opinion on a case, is there a charge and what do I need to do?
Our surgeons offer a free of charge service. If you require advice from a surgeon then please follow the new case referral steps. Our admin team will forward this to a surgeon for review.
I need a quote for a procedure – where will I find this?
Please contact our admin team for procedure prices. We have fixed prices for most procedures but some such as fracture repairs will require an specific quote for the individual case depending on implants required.
One of your surgeons is booked to perform surgery at my clinic, what do I need to have prepared for them?
Please look at our ‘Resources’ section which includes a ‘Case referral checklist’. The main request we have is that you provide a qualified RVN. Our surgeons will bring all necessary equipment & consumables for the surgery itself. Should you need us to provide a RVN just inform admin.
We have a Rata surgeon coming to perform surgery, can I arrange for them to speak to the client prior to the surgery?
Yes, this is always an option. Our admin team can arrange a consultation prior to the surgery date with the client should they feel this is necessary (a charge applies) or the surgeon can admit the patient on the day of surgery (no charge). Alternatively the surgeon will phone the client prior to surgery to ensure they are fully informed where a consult is not logistically feasible. Please let us know in advance should the client wish to see the surgeon.
Do you perform clinical audits, if so what are your success/complication rates?
Yes, we audit our cases for quality assurance. This guarantees that we constantly assess, evaluate and improve in line with best practice. Evidence of this can be found under our 'Resources' section.
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